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Keep the faith up!
jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

This kind of things makes me BELIEVE & not GIVING UP never ever.

40 days

I've never been married or anything, but this movie just blew my mind.
It left me breathless. It showed us how many times we avoid God & that Love's not always reciprocated, but it's always a matter of giving, not expecting NOTHING back.
So, let's apply this to our life :)

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

I love Keltie, she's one of a kind & one of my BEST inspirations.
She's gorgeous, she's perfect, she's fearless of anything she faces; she's down to earth, I feel like she's so like me & that's why I love her, the plus she's a dancer, makes her wonderful.
The last Monday, my mom watched this video, & for some reason she told me "This girl reminds me of you" and I was like "Huh?", "Yeah, like when she plays with her pet's ears; you always do that stuff with Spencer, when she talks and then sings and above all, she's stunning & always smiles, you're always like that,"
And with this comparison, my mom made my WHOLE week


My bro is listening to "Baby", my mom is great, my dad is a genious & I'm sick.
Like sick, sick, of being ill; though I'm sick of some people's acttitude; but shit happens an awesome singer told me once.
Life smiles to me & with me, can't complain about almost nothing, though everything, I love my body, my smile & my hair. Little things that complete my life.

Proud to be me

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Have you ever felt out of place?
Like friends are talking to you, about how awesome is to come along with some buddie they wanted, and you don't even, & really care. Not, in a mean way; like seriously I don't give anything to what you say, it's irrelevant to my life. I'm happy for you, you & me know, we've been waiting for that too long, but it's just I don't mind, not like before.
I've changed a lot. And it's weird. I feel weird.
I've never been like this, but maybe I'm becoming mature too soon or what?

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

I feel like those single ladies, which is the only single girl in her group of friends. My close friends don't have boyfriends, but they've got some guy that catched their eye, & they, luckly, like them back. It's not sad, because I'm not ready AT ALL to be in a relationship; but it's just I feel out of the groovy. I feel OK about that, it's just is not normal to me; I don't even have a crush. Then I figure out that I just end up being broken hearted, maybe it's a age after that age! Thanks God, Keltie's blog is still working & she keeps writing & I don't feel that weird!

Oh my...
viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

I am gonna reconsider my last entry, I read it, and I saw myself giving up. Actually, yesterday I broke down a little, like I don' t have any time to being at home, and if I've got some, I just wanna hug my family, but sometimes they are not on their best mood so we can' t enjoy much. Yeah I know I am too attached to my family, is a fact. I went to bed at 2.30 am, tired, wasted; Thursday didn' t last much and I hated it.
Today I woke up 7.20. Slept 5 hours? Dad obviously came up to my room telling me I should be more responsible. C'mon, who does like to be scold at that hour and worst of all don' t sleep much as you should?. My morning was going otherwise it should, my week beggining had been the best in my last two years, forgivness and heart mended don' t happen always.
I didn' t sleep well, so I didn' t hold my job as it must.
I complain about a lot of things in my mind, and sincerely thought about quitting my job, because college, life, swimming, dancing, friends and job can' t come along, you end up in vegetative state. But then I went out and drunk mate with my cousin, as a little break.
Thought about my salary I earned yesterday. Cardigan, shoes, scarfs and every single fall season clothes I' m coming for you, how my heart got mended after ALL, how sadly and joyfully becoming independent is part of life, and most of all I' m on a carrer I love, thought at the future I' m gonna sacrifice more things that know, but give time to time, enjoy and build the present, dream about the future. So I just five minutes ago, found out I got to get used to this, trying to live happily because it' s part of growing up.
Then I read the only girl on earth is so alike to me : Keltie, her last entry made me smile, I just remember my early teenage when I used to fell in love with classmate boys and trying to get their e-mail whatever it took, and always dressing priceless just for them. That was living.
So then I saw my cousin smiling and having fun with me at that little break and watched the little fram in the back yard.
Got the most priceless memory, I'm gonna write right now: When this little house didn' t even existed there was a big yard with just 3 starcaise where I used to pretend I was a diva and the neighboorhoods used to make pumpy parties, then I came back and I told myself: «life is good, God is good, love is good»,
So far, I' m not thinking about giving up at all, not yet, not now. I'm in the peak of building my whole life dreams, so why complain?


jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Necesito ya, un fin de semana.
But like RIGHT NOW.
I'm about to stress out, about limits, decisions & "No's" & most of these are about my wonderful & money vending machine called job.
That simple & necessary little thing is helping me to get independent and I'm not liking it AT ALL.

So I guess

I'm sort of scared.
Adult atmosphere is difficult.
I'm not at all like adult people. I mean is sorrounded by sex, sex, sex, sensual things, promiscous crew, homosexuality deeply rout. People do things for their own interest & more than EVERYTHING they try to proof everyday, they're not fools, virgins & more. They only talk about that. You'll never know someone who's gonna talk about hunger, poorness & how people heart's are getting every time more rough in the world at least you go to church or talk to a granny
You know me I'm a simple girl, simple interests, a dreamer. So why why we need all these things? They ruin us, then we complain about how bad life is, & that's why we never give nothing for exchange.
The harsh reality, sweethearts.

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

"One of the most things I love about Natalia is that she's always very passionate about every little thing she does" - My dad

Oh daddy, I almost cried when you said that.
Thanks for being my best confident ♥

Every single "tik" & "tok" counts
domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

When I'm inspired, can't help but write.
Write, write & let every little thing out! I don't mind if it matters, but I really feel it so here I am.
An ex-mate from my primary school lost his brother in a shocking & should-be-ilegal sport, though we can't even call that way; news made a whole report about all of it.
Anyway, the only thing that matters here is we must love, hug, smile with, enjoy with every single person that's part of our life; if you just fought with them, go & forgive. If you just made them something go & ask forgiveness because you never know if someday they'll go away. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. You never know so make every single minute counts
Hey you, yeah, go & hug!

Conclusion: Thanks God for those worthy people next to you ♥

Yesterday I found out the great difference between "Cruel People" & those "Who tell the Truth".
I used to confused them; because you know, both of them makes you upset, sometimes.
Most of you gonna tell me "it's obvious" but it wasn't for me.

Picture these situations:
1st: a teacher is showing you some moves, you follow him, but then you almost fell over the stage & he screams "Be careful, sweetheart, want this stage to last, look after how to control the weight of falling". In fact he told me that I fell like a cow from heaven, I ignored him.
2st: you tell your best friend about something you gonna do, & quickly tell her all, but then she says "Be careful on what you do, I thnk you're not ready yet" , at first I took like resentfully, like you think you know everything, but way back home I thought " I'm gonna take that advise from the one who comes" she's my best friend & most of the time, or let's say ALWAYS is right!
Surprisely the 2nd one made me feel more upset that the first, because YOU know is the real truth.

Conclusion: Learn to assimilate & deal with both of them.

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

I just don't need critics, I already have myself.
I just don't need a fave band, already have the best music playing on my mind.
I just don't need bad people in my life, already have to deal with every-day-people .
I just don't need to be lied, already have my mirror.
I just don't need a book, already have my imagination & experiences.
I just don't need wings, I know what it feels to fly

I just don't need...

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

This song bring thousands things to my head & I never get enough of it
The ones I've been through, the ones I'm gonna get through someday, always by His side.
His never ending mercy is always there.
I'm just happy to live & be conscious He ALWAYS loves us

- No matter what even in bad times, there's a little light
miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

I feel unbeatable. I feel stronger. I feel fearless.

Having a conversation to one of the most old time & best friends: Sophia, she always teaches me something; she always helps me to stand in front of the most powerful wind. She's the best, to me is the best.
Why? She just is.
The fact is, we've found out that new chances are always there; look for them, they must be.
Dream as far as you can, nothing's imposibble, till you think the otherwise.
Picture your ideal man & look for him. YOU deserve the starts.
Fact is life is about learning & taking chances; stay ready

There're people in the world who worths livin ' & who doesn't. Keltie's one of the not so famous girl, I love most of the fact she's a dancer. But the most thing I admire is her strengh to go on & keep working hard, no matter what. Since I knew 'bout this girl, never feel an idiot about my broken hearted thing any longer; it's part of growing. You can't live your dream without forgiving.
So, Sophia & Keltie, are the only girls, so far that inspire to be better stronger, & never give up

Conclusion: Be like people who do their best to stay strong

I forgive myself.
martes, 13 de abril de 2010

I've got thousands things to write down, all or most of them are happy ones! I'll talk about victory, forgivness, heart mended. So let's start.
Oh maybe, well in the course of this little entry, everything is gonna flow, as always.
First of all found out a little about the real meaning of forgivness or maybe something close but this just means for me: when you set out & wanna forgive one person hurted you, wanna really do it; you know, you wanna do your best & try very hard to re-start the feeling 'bout that person.
But there's a simple & significant little cue, you should know, there're gonna be times after the "epic forvigenner moment" when something at your mind is gonna tell you, that nothing is heal, nothing is fine, that you just haven't forgive & forget anyone. So, me plus my heart & soul figured out this time that every single morning when you wake up, & you feel the same shit as always because of that trouble, repeat & be conscious that part of this fogivness's job involves forgiving everyday what that person made to your life, even if you don't feel it, just for the fact you wanna feel fine about you & with you. I'm not meaning you should deny reality but the heart is gonna start to get better everytime you say "Man, I forgive you", even if he's not around or even alive. Just forgive, cry, let every single bad thing out & restart. Never is too late to be happily heal.
Personally, I will always love that guy, & everytime you're around I'm gonna wish you the best as always! But this time I face the life with a fearless heart

Wish the best! :)

Does anyone of you remember when Keltie right this tweet down? . Well I can't just deny I feel the same way. Joyfully, with NO hurt feelings!
And with this entry I definitely finish this broken hearted age

sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

My dance teacher is is is... special, but he's express HIMSELF so good as sunny day!


My life has turned pretty busy these last weeks; in fact I don't actually have free time. Never mind, I like that because keeps my mind busy in another stuff instead of what makes me feel not so good.

I'm on my way to my whole life dream.

  • My first dance class day was today
  • I'm on a carrer I love

Apart from these, the fact that I'm meeting new COOL people, who minds the same as me. Anyway, turning back to my topic threat I always talk on the blog, I've found that, for some reason my ex-callhimwhateveryouwant hasn't got a facebook, anymore. Don't know if he blocked it or something, but the fact is I feel more free, like FREE. I always were afraid about what he will know of me about HIM! This is stupid, but the fact is everyday I'm more apart from that person, makes me feel better, though I wanna be with him. It's weird.
Nobody understands why I don't wanna be relate in any way with this guy, when I actually wanna do. Sometimes I think is because I know somewhere deep in my soul that I deserve something better, that I REALLY want something better; someone who really fits with me. Hope y'all know what I mean.
This entry is getting very personal & open, so I decide to not lie me anymore & to anyone, the fact was I've never been FRIENDS (what you call buddie) with this person, though we knew enough 'bout each other, & we shared a lot of things, but I knew & know wasn't real. But I don't mean like resentfully, is the fact ww never share TRUE things, so I've found that TODAY, that all this thing I've been through the whole last year, helped me, yeah, but I figured out too that when you start to grow up, some things just don't mind like anymore as they did before. You remember them as water that flowed once time ago.
What I mean with all of this is LEARNINGS are one of the most important things in life to become better

Don't worry be Huggies ♪
jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

A hug is a form of physical intimacy, not necessarily sexual, that usually involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons. The hug is one of the most common human signs of love and affection, along with kissing. "
There's no more meaningful thing that a hug.
A hug can heal you. You can sum up LOVE in a hug.
I've been in love, & yearned more your hug; your arms around holding me than a kiss.
A hug, can heal a homeless child heart.
A hug instead of "I'm sorry"
A hug can change bad times

GO & hug somebody TODAY!

Hey you
miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

I want nobody to fall in love with me, fact. Because is pretty probable that I won`t like you back, at all. And trust me there`s nothing worst than that.

I admit...
viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Admito que soy: Demasiado abierta socialmente y ergo casi todos conocen mi vida privada
Admito que me gusta: Bailar (coreograficamente) , demasiado ♥
Admito que en el colegio: Me sentía re sapo de otro pozo
Admito que en mi casa: Me explayo como en ningún lugar
Admito que me dicen: Que estoy loca
Admito que tengo: Muchas ganas de viajar
Admito que salgo: cuando debo y/o tengo ganas
Admito que me encanta: Pretender que bailo frente a miles de personas y entre esas miles de personas estás vos, y yo te ignoro como la mejor pero muy humildemente.
Admito que no tengo: ganas de ver la Tv nunca
Admito que lo que más me fascina: es la geografía
Admito que prefiero: Mantenerme lejos tuyo, porque sé que hay algo mejor; duele, pero me va a convenir :(
Admito que mi MSN es: queteimporta man
Admito que mi Facebook es: aburrido
Admito que voy: a trabajar solo para darme mi caprichito paniquero ♥
Admito que antes: era MUY enamoradiza.
Admito que ahora: la estoy pasando mucho mejor que antes
Admito que no sé: Olvidar-te
Admito que no sabia: que iba a ser tan cobarde
Admito que últimamente: Estoy muy feliz con mi situacion intelectual & laboral
Admito que me fijo en: Pequeños detalles.
Admito que soy afortunada en: En tener la familia que tengo
Admito que me gusta escuchar: música rara, diferente.
Admito que me gusta ver: Two & a half man #pasión
Admito que amo a: Mom & Dad, y hombres que están hacen año con sus respectivas mujeres, aunqe las corneen, me convencen y me dan mucha ternura ♥
Admito que quiero mucho a: mi hente
Admito que mis padres: Son lo MÁS
Admito que mis hermanas/os: Escucha todo el día "we are the world"
Admito que estoy esperando: Cobrar u.u
Admito que mi amor: por el baile es vitalmente imposible para la naturaleza!
Admito que me comí: la vida, la semana pasada.
Admito que ayer: Fue un jueves blue
Admito que hoy: Me desperté bien, gracias a la no repeteción del sueño de ayer u.u
Admito que mañana: Va a suceder lo que suceda mañana
Admito que siempre: escucho música
Admito que finalmente: Aprendí a pioletearla-

I can't find more satisfation in life than reading a book, a nice book. Those who can drive your imagination away, full of drama, liars & random things. Maybe because my life is sorrounded by stuff like that? Perhaps. The fact is nothing makes me feel more high than dreaming lines in white paper ♥


"Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light." Micah 7.8

Natalia. UBA freshman. Filmmaker-to-be. Musical theatre student. Fan of life. 22. Old-school girl.


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