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domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

"Every night the stars come out to play, wish that I could always feel this way"

The only thing left I'm gonna say is:
- I'm loving fashion every time more
- although everything I'll never let anything get my faith out of me
- my soul feels so happy as how this song sounds <3

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

I found out something really, weird? I don't know, is sort of a sign that I'm raving or whatever people or science call that thing.
When I'm anywhere, most of that time quiet listening to any happy song on my player, I start to think a sort of musical video on my mind, & including whose persons would fit in there, & most of the times my ideals, fave musicians, foreigns crushes, real friends are part of this amazing display projected on my mind & it's great!
HA! Those kind of nonsenses things make my quiet moments! :)

lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

J. Lawrence Bradford: Every time you say 'Cheap and Vulgar' I'm going to kiss you.
Carol King: Cheap and Vulgar!
Carol King: Cheap and Vulgar!
Carol King: Cheap and Vulgar!
[long kiss]

Best movie I've seen in years ♥

domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Sincerely, yesterday was rare, a sort of a flashback what I've been through. Yeah. I've talked about this in some entries before, and was obvious that these kind of times would come back to make me feel weak as before; but I didn't let it.
I had butterflies. Again
I watched you from the back side as I always did. Yeah
But apart from these, my heart keeps reminding me that these are the signs of the weak forvigenner's moments, and I won't give up or let anything bring me down. I sort of hate sometimes not loving another person as you, but I do. Can't help.
But, you know why?

"My dreams are bigger than my problems"

that helps me to carry on & still have faith on what I really want.

viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

I was talking to my one & only boy buddie. I don't really get along with boys as friends, but he's the exception. Talking about children, future husband & dream life; & I explained him what is my ideal life.
You know I'm the one of those girls who wants to marry the first person she's in love & have children, adopt some African kids, & stay happy. I'm not saying that any of these aren't possible, but when my buddie told me "Well it seems you've got everything planned"; my head made a sort of "click" inside, like maybe I'm gonna get all of these things, but not in the way I'm thinking or planning, like sometimes I'm gonna see like nothing is on my side, but now Natalia, gonna tell you something:

"Never ever stop believing in what you have faith on!"

Look at her!
jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Fashion has been always meant perfection.
Since women knew how to seduce men, fashion existed. I can bet it.

Some other people would say that fashion equals materialism, a big lie.

I'm not agree with any of them; fashion isn't a big part of my life, but I try my best to fit it in it.
Take a look, fashion is good at someone's view & delight anyone who loves good stuff.

So my conclusion is we must love fashion healthily, but not get obsessive with it, what I mean by that is love yourself as YOU ARE, love your body as it is, love your personality; is unique.
I think fashion should show what someone's feels inside & not something material

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

The fact that my heart is mended. God loves us all. I forgived. He forgives me every day. I'm not afraid to fall in love. I'm not really sure who's gonna be the person that gonna be next to me till my last breath. I want to live fearless like NOW. I can't stop dreaming. I'm growing up. Maturing. My mentors are the best. I'm knowing people that worth. Dallon is my ideal man. Keltie is the most beautiful fighter on earth & makes me feel more brave. My TRUE friends are a few. I doubt. I wanna help lost people. God is putting me propose on my heart & life.

Are making my 2010 the most wonderful year in years. so far ♥

Este video tiene la POSTA


viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Hard times are rough.
We hate them. They make our lifes a twist, a huricane; we know, it helps us to change, but it's not that easy to accept.
It's sort of a cliché we can't stand, it's like the same sad song playing over & over again between some happy songs on your player.
I don't wanna steal Keltie's idea from her blog, but when you're on that time when you wanna throw every little thing to hell, just when everything seems senseless, like it doesn't worth it.
Hold on.
A HUGE thing is coming behind, that HUGE thing you've been waiting!
Keep your faith up

jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

When your life has no exit, you start to need someone's hand; don't get me wrong but sometimes the hand that is held, is the wrong hand. We end up drowing ourselves with that "helping" hand.

Life is not that hard, we just feel like that, because we are focus on our problems & we don't see anything around. I encourage you to go & visit some hospital, jail, or just a house where someone's into drugs, your circumstances become small & senseless.

We should thank everyday, for everything.

Conclusion: Give your frustrations to God & let him USE YOU!

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

I'm doing my BEST.

sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

So far, I'm dissapointed what is a matter of friends.
But I'm gonna trust again that there's people around there that cares about me apart from my family.
I will.
I'll believe again.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010


Let it be, Natu.
lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

I had two feelings today about some issue I've been worrying about.
First one, is the fact that want it or not I'm losing someone again, because maybe they want to, or maybe it just happens.
Second one, related to that, I let everything off to two of my one & only friends.
Call them Sugar & Candy.
Sugar had been really out of mind, but it've changed a lot & I can't love Sugar more. Life tastes sweeter. Maybe it's not any kind of BFF, but this girl is now with me & we get along.
Candy. Candy is sweet; I've always treated it like a piece of crap & Candy is still there, no matter what, & that's what it worths in a person.
Being remembered as simple, unique & lovely
buddie & friend in bad times.

I see that coming.

Y siii, va la segunda.

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Well people talks because it's free. They judge because the same.
Don't dare judge broken hearted people, because YOU don't know how that feels; not even closer.
My pregnant & beautiful, never ending sweet aunt told me a thing that helped to build my strengh, my little & own casstle against haters:
"People live because & thanks of others, they don't mind, & give a damn about anything, they live, & if they have the chance to ruin you, they do"
The part about
don't let them to is obvious.
It's just is the only thing that come along with me, & make me feel full are dancing + my cat + beautiful clothes + music +
God, so far. I rather being alone. ALONE. I found out I love that, if I need help I'll call God, don't worry; he is always faithful. Maybe some of those people outside who call themselves faithful friends. Don't get me wrong, some of my friends are the best, but I'm not like those people who tell thei friends everything, some things are shared only with myself, Spencer or God, is way better to me.

Love you life.

I keep losing things that are important to me, and I don't mind.
You know why? Because I learnt how to deal with the problems; I mean, I'll always gotta have them in my life making it hard & making me a better person.
Take things away from me, I care but don't mind.
I'm self-centered? Don't think so; I got used to get along with everything by myself & that little thingy is not gonna ruin my awesome 2010.
Why I wrote this? Because I needed to.


"Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light." Micah 7.8

Natalia. UBA freshman. Filmmaker-to-be. Musical theatre student. Fan of life. 22. Old-school girl.


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